At Old Town Design Group, we take a team approach to the home building process. Rather than one person trying to be an expert in every part of the custom home building process, we have built a team of experts to collaborate on your home. This specialized approach allows Old Town Design Group to provide you with top notch service and quality in every aspect of building your new home.

Our Team

New home consultants

New Home Consultants are your guide in our custom home building process. Well-versed in the nuances of building a new home, they help walk you through the process. They can assist in finding the best lot that fits your needs, as well as helping you set your priorities for your custom home. In addition, New Home Consultants coordinate our team of experts around your project.

Home design

As one of the few home builders with in-house designers, our design team brings your vision for a new custom home to life. During your custom home design sessions, you sit down with our team and directly collaborate on the development of your personalized home plan. With years of experience, our Director of Design combines not only unique solutions to flow and space planning, but does so while also understanding key budget considerations.

Interior design & finishings

Old Town Design Group is proud to partner with Everything Home to help you select the finishings and interior design of your new home. Everything Home is a boutique interior design firm specializing in residential home spaces from concept to finishing touches. Everything Home's designers approach projects in participation and collaboration with our clients and believe that integrated home design is a key tool in helping one realize the lifestyle they have been dreaming of. Their award-winning designers love to work in a range of styles and aesthetics and believe their value is in their subject knowledge, trade resources, refined eye, and ability to make decisions and oversee your project from beginning to end.


Our unique design-build process provides two estimating check points, "Ballpark" and "Final Estimate." By using computer-aided design from the design department, our estimating team can develop detailed estimates at each step. They count every door knob, measure each piece of baseboard, and calculate detailed flooring requirements. This thorough process allows us to give you an estimated home cost of + or - 2% at the initial "Ballpark" check point and a firm, fixed price at the "Final Estimate" checkpoint before you sign a building contract.


A great design is not complete until it is brought to life with solid construction. Our building team brings together decades of collective experience to make sure your home is constructed with quality craftsmanship. They are focused each day on combining tried and true best practices with new technologies to build your home with leading-edge service, quality, products, and process.


Our in-house warranty team is committed to serving our new homeowners. Ensuring that your home meets, and continues to meet, your expectations is important to us. We schedule 45-day and 11-month quality walk-throughs to review your home with you. These scheduled walk-throughs are dedicated times to closely assess your new home after you have had the opportunity to live in it. In addition, our warranty team is on call to answer any questions and empowered to quickly address and correct any issues if they arise.