Top 4 Signs That It’s Time for a New Home

  1. Your entering into a new phase of life – Many factors can determine whether you’re in a new phase of life like a marriage, having children or even having elderly family moving back in. All of these reasons could make your current home inadequate.

  2. Your outdoor living requires too much maintenance – As our lives change, so do our interests. Often when purchasing a home, it’s easy to get excited about all of the possibilities that comes with outdoor space. After a few years with a pool or acres of land to maintain, it can become cumbersome instead of enjoyable.

  3. Your current home has too much unused space – If your children have left the home, it can be glaringly obvious the amount of space that one person can use or not use. What once could fit five people happily, can become overwhelming with only two or even one person remaining in the home. Cleaning and maintaining can seem like a daunting task – meaning it’s time to downsize.

  4. You’re sick of the stairs – Whether you have an upper level master or extra beds/baths that need maintaining on the second floor, after a while it can be strenuous to walk up and down the stairs. Maybe you have a basement that’s only used once a year for holidays when there’s a big group of people coming to town. Either way, this may be the most frequent reason for a new home.

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